Software for Group Practice or Residential Treatment Center

Two users with eCharts on screen with vitals and emdr light bar


Users 2 3 5
Active Out Patient Clients 65 100 200
Active In Patient Clients 0 0 12
Discharged Clients unlimited unlimited unlimited
Telehealth Hours/Month 265 600 1000
Customized Forms 1 2 3
Scheduling X X X
Scheduling Notifications X X X
EMDR Light Bar X X X
Client Portal x X X
Billing/Credit Cards O X X
  $150 $300 $500
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eCharts’ cloud-based client management system is designed by therapists for therapists, creating a safe and user-friendly interface for your whole team. 

eCharts will help increase the quality of treatment for your clients by improving the way you record and track client information. eCharts’ modern approach to paperwork helps you do this by streamlining your practice’s day-to-day activities and boosting your efficiency.

eCharts’ software keeps all of your clients’ records organized and linked together. All of the records are secure and only accessible by those with authorization. 

eCharts’ clean, simple interface is safe and secure and will help you stay HIPAA, JCAHO and CARF compliant.


Up to four providers can be added to the System for this package. 

In Patients

Up to 12 in patient beds can be added to the system, for this package.


Telehealth & Virtual EMDR Lightbar

This year has brought many changes to our day to day lives. We understand that your practice may be seeking telehealth options to better serve your clients and community. Using eCharts‘ Telehealth can provide a way for both you and your clients to communicate through reliable video calls anytime, anywhere.

Login to eCharts’ Telehealth using any device with a microphone and sound, web browser and internet connection. While on the call, you can have the confidence that the call is encrypted end to end using eCharts’ HIPAA-compliant tele-health software.

The virtual EMDR light bar is embedded into the Telehealth system. Clients can participate in remote EMDR sessions anytime anywhere.

This online tool gives the therapist full control over the virtual light bar, while seeing and hearing the client. Options include: changing the speed and color of the light. Record how many times the light has travelled across the screen.

For your convenience this package offers you unlimited Telehealth hours per month, giving you more time with your clients.

Clinical Paperwork

Keep all of you documentation in one place with our therapeutic forms.  From therapy notes and SOAP notes to group notes and discharge summaries we have you covered.  Here's a list of the generic forms we have on file.  If you don't see what you need use your two custom forms that are included with the basic package or pay for extras so we can help you to design your own.

  • Therapy Note
  • DIRP Note
  • DAP Note
  • SOAP Note
  • Contact Note
  • Treatment Plan
    • Problems
    • Objectives
  • Group Note
  • Shift Note
  • Shift Log
  • DAS II
  • ASAM
  • Academic
  • Discharge Plan
  • Clinical Discharge
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • and more...

Administrative Reports

Monitoring employees and quality of care is simple with quick dashboards and reports.

Monitor the health of both your practice and your patients.

Admin Paper work